Things To Do Following a Funeral

  • Send thank you notes to people who assisted you, sentflowers, masses, food, or made charitable donations.
  • Contact your attorney to handle legal matters, such asprobating an estate, if necessary. Make sure to discuss the scope of theattorney's work and his or her fees before authorizing their work. The attorneywill need certified copies of the death certificate.
  • In Allegheny County, the probate process is handled at theOffice of the Register of Wills, 1st Floor, City County Building, Pittsburgh,PA. 15219, Telephone: (412) 350-4180,
  • Contact your lawyer, accountant and financial planner fortax, estate, and financial guidance.
  • Life insurance companies (They will need a certified copy ofthe death certificate, the completed application, and the original policy orcertificate, if available). When mailing documents to the insurance company,you may want to send them by Certified Mail with a Return Receipt Requested. Ifyou are uncertain about life insurance being in force, the followingorganization may be of assistance. The American Council of Life Insurance, 1001Penn Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20004, Telephone: 1-(202)-624-2416,
  • Contact the deceased's place of employment and/or union tosee if there are death or pension benefits available.
  • Contact Social Security Administration, Suite 120, 650Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15228. Toll free telephone: 1-(800)-772-1213,Website: Boron Funeral Home, Inc. has already notified them of thedeath.
  • Contact Railroad Retirement Board (if applicable), Room1511, 1000 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4101, Telephone:1-(877)-772-5772, Website: Boron Funeral Home, Inc. has alreadynotified them of the death.
  • Contact Veterans Administration (if applicable), 1000Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, Telephone: 1-(800)-827-1000, Boron Funeral Home, Inc. has already notified them of the death.
  • Veterans Life Insurance (if applicable) 5000 WissahickonAvenue, PO Box 8079, Philadelphia, PA 19101, Toll-free telephone:1-(800)-669-8477, Website:
  • Contact Allegheny County Department of Veterans Affairs (ifapplicable), 4141 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, Telephone: 412-621-4357,Website: Boron Funeral Home, Inc. has alreadynotified them of the death.
  • If a Veterans Administration monument was used, send a copyof the paid receipt for the marker installation to the Allegheny CountyDepartment of Veterans Affairs for a partial allowance (See cover letter fromthe funeral home concerning this possible benefit).
  • Workers' Compensation Benefits, if applicable.
  • Notify your stockbroker to change ownership of any stocks,bonds, or mutual funds. They will need certified copies of the deathcertificate.
  • Notify your bank. They will return any direct deposit checksfrom Social Security which the deceased may have received but not been entitledto receive. Change titles on any accounts (checking, savings, certificates ofdeposits, loans, notes, mortgages, safety deposit boxes, etc.) They will needcertified copies of the death certificate.
  • Notify credit card companies and department store creditcard companies.
  • Change ownership records on motor vehicles, mobile homes,boats, etc. Automobile clubs, such as AAA, can be of assistance. They will needa certified copy of the death certificate and may need to notarize theapplications.
  • Change ownership on real estate, as advised by your attorneyand financial advisors.
  • Notify places of business where you may have outstandingloans or mortgages.
  • Civil Service Employees should contact the U.S. Office ofPersonnel Management, Retirement Operations Center, P.O. Box 45, Boyers, PA16017-0045, Telephone: 1-(888)-767-6738, Website:
  • Federal Employees should contact U.S. Office of PersonnelManagement, Retirement Operations Center, P.O. Box 200, Boyers, PA 16017-0200,Telephone: 1-(888)-767-6738, Website:
  • Professional and fraternal organizations, in which thedeceased was a member, for possible benefits.
  • Change ownership on US Savings Bonds, forms are on line, contact your bank.
  • If the deceased was named as beneficiary on any of your lifeinsurance policies, contact the insurance company to change beneficiaries.
  • If there is any unclaimed assets, the Pennsylvania Treasury Department has a website to check,
  • Make arrangements for a cemetery marker or finalize anylettering to be done on an existing marker. Contact the original marker companyor the cemetery or Boron Funeral Home, Inc. can give you names and telephonenumbers of monument companies with which they have had experience.
  • Update your will or have a will written.
  • Consider your personal situation, such as insurance needs,long-term health care insurance, etc.
  • Consider making prearrangements for your own funeral withBoron Funeral Home, Inc. to ease the burden on your surviving family.
  • Reporting a Death to a Social Media Site
    Below is information to report a death to several of the most popular social media sites.
    Facebook: Go to; Click on “Mange Your Account” on the left side of the page; Click “Memorialized Accounts”; A death certificate or other proof of death is required; Proof of authority like a Birth Certificate, Power of Attorney or Last Will and Testament; Submit information using online form.
    Google and YouTube: Go to; Click on “Close the account of a deceased user”; Fill in your information and decedent’s information; You will have to scan your Driver’s License or government-issued ID; Scan the decedent’s death certificate; Submit.
    Twitter: Go to support/; Click on “Use this Form” and select “I want to request the deactivation of a deceased or incapacitated user’s account”; Fill out the Report Form and submit it to Twitter; Twitter will contact you once the review the report.
    LinkedIn: Go to; Fill out form with information about yourself and decedent; add link to the obituary or news article on the death; Submit the report.
    Instagram: Go to; Choose if you want to delete or memorialize the account; Provide the decedent’s birth certificate, death certificate, and information showing you as the executor or administrator to the decedent’s estate; Complete the online form and submit.
         Source: NYSFDA Directions, May 2017

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